Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We took Breann and Megan to their first pumpkin patch. Breann wasn't sure what to do. We thought she would want a wheel barrow ride, but cried. She doesn't go any where with out her "nemmies" that is blankies in Breann's language. She was cute, she just sat on the pumpkins and waited for Matt to pay for the pumpkins. She wasn't into carving them this year, maybe next year.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

O.K. Holy cow!!! It has been almost a year since I have blogged. Things have been so crazy. I quit my jog in February to stay home with Breann and get done with school. I found out my first week home that I was pregnant. WOW!! What a surprise. I cried. I thought that I would have more time with Breann and get some hard classes done with. But evidently there was a different plan.
My year has been so nutty, but not as crazy as the last few months. My older sister Holly and her 3 boys were in a serous car accident, on July 23, 2009. It really shook our family. Holly had a diabetic reaction whole driving and rear ended a semi going 55 MPH and she did not hit the breaks. She was flown down here to SLC because her orthopedic injuries were to severe to be handled in Pocatello. I called Dr. Hawes, who is a good friend of mine to fix her leg. Thank heavens he was on call! He fixed her knee and ankle, but her heel was in to many pieces to fix at that time. We consulted with another orthopedic surgeon, to help fix her heel. After long talks and casting for 5 weeks, her skin did not heal and was dead, she also had an infection in her heel. The decision was made for her to have an amputation just below the knee. As hard as this was for my sister and all of us, we knew that it was the best for her. My sister is one of the strongest people I know. She has had several challenges over her life time. I hold her up on a pedestal more higher than I did before. Her courage and strength is what gets me through the hard days.
When Holly had her accident, I was 6 months pregnant. Her last appointment with all the surgeons was the week before I was due. She brought my mom down so she can keep me company until I give birth. I mowed the lawn and cleaned the crap out of my house,on October 1st. On the 2nd I just wanted the baby out! I called my Dr and told him that my back hurt (not really) but i really wanted to see if I made any progress. Well he checked me and I was at a 5! WHAT THE CRAP! I said,"Shouldn't I get an epidural? I do believe in pain management!" It didn't hurt because my water hadn't broken yet. I was admitted at 1:00, Dr broke my water at 3:00, had the epidural at 4:00 and gave birth at 8:02. I was in labor with Breann for 18 hours! I was so shocked that it didn't take any time at all. Megan Bethany Bartlett weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and 19 inches long. She looked absolutely perfect!
Breann is such a cute BIG sister. She does get jelous and points to the couch where I should lay "baby" because she wants to sit on my lap. Breann won't say Megan, she just calls her baby. She gives her kisses, shoves her binky in her mouth, points to all of Megans body parts and names them. She tries to poke her in the eyes to say "eyes", I say, "No, poke eyes, just point". These last 7 weeks have been so hard. It is so hard taking care of two babies. I do not know how other mothers do it. I wish I was younger, maybe I would have more evergy...maybe?
I cant wait for Christmas! Breann is at the age where she says "WOW" for everything. I love it! I'm going to teach her to squeal when she opens gifts and get all excited!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008

For Thanksgiving we flew to Portland, Oregon to have the long weekend with my brother Frank and his family, and Pam traveled from Kinnewick with her family as well. We had a blast! Breann had to read the safety instructions at least 5 times, put it back in the pouch behind the seat and get it out again. Breann slept the whole way there on the plane. (thank heavens, we didn't know what to expect.) Frank picked us up at the airport and took us for alittle scenic tour of the city on the way to his house. I forgot how beautiful Portland is. We had fun at his house then went to our hotel to get some shut eye because we had to get up early the next day.
Frank came to the hotel at 6:30 Thanksgiving moring to take me the Thanksgiving Turkey tort at the Zoo. I had so much fun re-connecting with my brother. It has been years since we have seen each other and I don't think we have ever had one on one time. It was truly a visit i will never forget. His knees were giving him grief, so he did not run but was kind enough to wait at the finish line.
Pam met us at Frank's house early afternoon. I really miss seeing her and her family. Ever since she moved to Washington, we have not seen each other as much as we would like. Before she moved, she would just come down to SLC for the day and go home. I truly miss her. I cherish every moment that we can steal to have sister time. Thanksgiving dinner was good. It was over casted ( I know a shocker for Portland) but i think I'm used to colder weather and maybe snow. So to me and Matt it was nice.
Friday morning, we went to Cannon Beach. It was soooo cold and windy but to me it was perfect. I forgot Breann's winter coat at the hotel and she was not happy about having a huge blanket around her with no movement what so ever, so we could not spend to much time out side and still have a happy baby. Us girls did some shopping and the boys checked out a huge rock. The drive was beautiful and scenic.
By Saturday morning we were ready to go home. Breann and I had to share a bed while Matt got the other queen to himself. My ribs hurt from Breann kicking me for two days and achy because I dare not move for fear that she would wake up. Needless to say Matt and I agreed that if he EVER got a job offer to move to Portland we are there in a heartbeat!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Costume

I met Pam in Idaho and she took some way cute photo's of Breann. She is a Bunny and a Fairy. Thanks Abby for the costume. She looks almost as cute as Sophie does :)
Matt and I have been working on keeping her hat on her all month. She want's to tear it off as fast as we put it on her. Thanks to Jordan and Chloe making cute funny sounds,it distracted her.